Making My Home More Energy Efficient

Making My Home More Energy Efficient

3 Surprising Places Lead Exists

Aubrey Kelly

The dangers of lead products has been stated over and over in the past. Excessive exposure to lead can cause serious health risks. This product is loaded with toxins that can poison the body. It's especially dangerous for young children to be exposed to lead for long amounts of time. Studies indicate there are 310,000 kids that have unsafe amounts of lead in the body annually. This can be problematic if left unresolved. For the sake of your and your children's health, it's idealto know some places where the lead product can be found.

Lead dust

These are tiny particles as small as dust that are loaded with lead. Lead dust is a result of lead paint that has broken down into smaller parts and may be floating through any home. These fragments are so tiny, you may not even be able to see these, but the effect lead dust has in your home and in the air can cause your health to suffer.

Lead dust can easily be breathed in without you even being aware of doing so.


If you have decided to remodel an older home, the chances are quite high that you may be exposed to some lead during this time. Many of the homes built a few decades ago have excessive amounts of lead products inside.

If you have children, you will want to keep your kids away from the remodeling project as much as possible.


Small children loving playing outside and, unfortunately, one of the places where lead can be found is on swings and other toys that are readily accessible on a playground. If these toys were built before 1978, it's highly possible there could be a large amount of lead on any of these.

Additionally, paint loaded with lead can chip and fall on the ground, and this is still a danger for your child. For instance, if a kid falls on an area that has a lot of lead in it, this can be transferred to your child's system increasing the levels of lead in the body.

It's important to be aware of the places that lead products may exist. This can assist you in limiting the amount of time your child spends in these areas, and this may contribute to better long-term health. Be sure to contact the energy and environment department of your area if you are aware of locations that have significant amounts of lead.

For more information about the effects of lead, talk to a company like Nuclear Lead Co., Inc.


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