Making My Home More Energy Efficient

Making My Home More Energy Efficient

How To Handle Construction Waster During Your Rehab Project

Aubrey Kelly

Whether you are rehabbing your whole house or just a single room, you'll likely have construction waste left over after the project's completion. Some of the construction materials can take up a lot of room in your traditional dumpster, while others may not be safe for dumping in a regular landfill or garbage dump. If you are planning a rehab project, here are a few ways you can manage the mess and dispose of waste materials properly.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-off dumpsters offer a convenient place to put construction waste materials and trash during the construction project. These dumpsters can be placed in your driveway or on the curb in front of your home to provide easy access for your construction crew. The dumpster is dropped off by the waste management company and is picked up when it is full. Before you rent a roll-off dumpster, be sure to check with your local municipality, as there may be parking restrictions and permit requirements to rent this type of dumpster.

Construction Company Haul Away

You may be able to pay your construction crew extra to haul away the materials at the end of each day. The crew will pace your construction waste in a dump truck, which can be hauled to the dumpster and dumped easily. The crew may also bring its own small dumpster or dumpster bags that they can take to and from your job site each day. This option is ideal if you live in an area that restricts construction activity to specific hours of the day, as there is no visible dumpster at night and all construction materials are cleaned up at the end of each day.

Reuse Materials

Some of the construction materials used in your project may make for great crafting materials. Ask your construction crew to cut down any large pieces of scrap wood into manageable sizes so you can store the wood in your crafting room. Cut-outs from countertops, such as the hole cut for a sink basin, can be used as table tops for decorative side tables, and old kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities can be repurposed into storage units for your garage or basement. Talk to your construction crew ahead of time to let them know which materials you want to keep and which ones should be sent to the dumpster.

Be sure to work with your construction team and waste management company to ensure that all construction waste is disposed of properly and recycled when possible. As the team works on your project, think about the different DIY and crafting projects you can use the waste materials for. You may just find that you won't have as much to place in your dumpster as you first thought.


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