Making My Home More Energy Efficient

Making My Home More Energy Efficient

How To Clean Up After Your Family Reunion

Aubrey Kelly

Are you in charge of this year's family reunion? If so, you probably have mixed feelings about this responsibility. Planning things like visits to historic sights, picnics, and delicious meals is the fun part. Cleaning up after the family reunion is over is another matter. From organizing committees to arranging for trash and other waste, here are some ideas that might help.

Set Clear Expectations - Whether you are having your family reunion at a location like a campsite, a  home, or at a lake house, lots of people equals lots of trash. Even before the reunion takes place, send out written expectations and rules on handling trash. Let everybody know that you will be making arrangements to have trash receptacles delivered to the place of your reunion, but that there will also be smaller trash and recycling bins located at strategic places on your reunion grounds.

  • Ask parents with little ones to carefully wrap soiled diapers and to place them in trash receptacles only after making sure the odor doesn't permeate the area.
  • Be sure that unwanted medicines and medicine bottles are collected so that they can be set apart and placed in a special bin. Mark this bin with the word MEDICINES in large letters.
  • Have special receptacles for things that can be recycled and mark those containers clearly. Have one bin for paper products, another for aluminum products and another one for plastic products. 
  • Be sure that any broken glass is disposed of carefully so that it doesn't pose a danger to anybody.
  • If there are bears or other animals that forage for food, have trash receptacles that include lids that cannot be removed by those smart critters.
  • Trash with food in it should be kept away from any areas where people are gathered.

Make Arrangements For Waste Management - Before your family reunion takes place, make arrangements with a local company that handles trash and other waste management. Give exact time and date of when your reunion will begin and when it will end. Specify how many people are expected so that the professionals can give you an estimate of how many receptacles you'll need. The company will bring clean receptacles which will be set up for you. At the end of the reunion, the receptacles will be picked up, cleaned and made ready for the next time they are needed. That should make your clean-up job much easier.

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