Making My Home More Energy Efficient

Making My Home More Energy Efficient

  • Which Types Of Garbage Can Be Recycled?

    With the convenience of single stream recycling for consumers comes a price for recycling centers, who must contend with inappropriate items being tossed into recycling bins. Single stream recycling allows several types of recyclable materials to be placed in a single recycling bin for curbside pickup. This differs from earlier efforts in municipal recycling programs, where recyclables were required to be sorted according to the material composition of the items. Glass containers, plastic containers, and paper products are placed in separate bins for pickup and delivery to the recycling center.

  • Propane And Solar Are Two Alternative Power Sources Open To Tiny Home Owners

    Tiny homes are becoming very popular. One reason that a lot of people have chosen to go with a tiny house is because they want to live off-grid. An off-grid house isn't hooked up to the electrical grid or a natural gas system. That means that the people who have those houses need to have a way to provide electricity, heat, hot water, and a fuel source for cooking. There are a couple of different ways that these things can be done.

  • Keeping Your Family Healthy After Your Home Floods: Four Things To Know

    Flooding can cause a number of headaches, but it can also cause hazards in your home. In order to keep your family healthy, there are a few things you'll need to do after the flood. Use this guide as a starting point to care for your home after a flood. Verify The Safety Of Drinking Water After a flood, the safety of your drinking water may be at risk. If you get water from your city, you can contact the public health department to find out if there have been any boil orders issued in your area.

  • Wondering If Your Septic System Needs Pumping? Here's 3 Ways To Tell

    Your septic system is a pivotal part of your home. It helps to remove waste water and take it out into the drain field until you have it pumped out. While many people know that they need to pump their septic tank, many aren't aware of how often it should be done. To help you determine if your septic system is in need of pumping, here are three signs that you need to be on the lookout for.

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Making My Home More Energy Efficient

After struggling with yet another high power bill, I realized I really needed to work on my home's energy efficiency. I started thinking about what I was doing wrong, and it occurred to me that it might be smart to install solar panels and perhaps a windmill. I started going through and evaluating my personal impact on the power grid, and I was able to calculate that those additions would be a good idea. This blog is all about reducing your impact on the environment so that you can enjoy a happier, greener life, and spend less money during the process.