Making My Home More Energy Efficient

Making My Home More Energy Efficient

  • Three Questions To Ask When You Need To Hire A Tree Service

    Many tree-related tasks around your yard are best left to the professional for multiple reasons. Some jobs, such as cutting down a tree or even trimming off large branches, can be dangerous and can quickly get out of hand. Other jobs, such as removing certain limbs of a tree suffering from a disease, require the care of a professional so that the healthy parts of the tree can survive. If you have a need for a tree service, it's beneficial to call a couple businesses to discuss the project you need done.

  • How To Clean Up After Your Family Reunion

    Are you in charge of this year's family reunion? If so, you probably have mixed feelings about this responsibility. Planning things like visits to historic sights, picnics, and delicious meals is the fun part. Cleaning up after the family reunion is over is another matter. From organizing committees to arranging for trash and other waste, here are some ideas that might help. Set Clear Expectations - Whether you are having your family reunion at a location like a campsite, a  home, or at a lake house, lots of people equals lots of trash.

  • Squirrel, Mice Or Rat: How To Know What Is Scurrying Behind The Walls Of Your Home

    It starts with a rustle in the walls or a scurrying of footsteps in the attic. An invasion has begun, and every homeowner knows of the frustration this type of visitor is capable of creating. Rodents are a serious concern because of their potential for damage. They chew wiring, rip up insulation and can get into food supplies and spread disease. Of course, most people will agree that the most annoying fact is that they are only inches away and still impossible to catch.

  • How To Handle Construction Waster During Your Rehab Project

    Whether you are rehabbing your whole house or just a single room, you'll likely have construction waste left over after the project's completion. Some of the construction materials can take up a lot of room in your traditional dumpster, while others may not be safe for dumping in a regular landfill or garbage dump. If you are planning a rehab project, here are a few ways you can manage the mess and dispose of waste materials properly.

  • Power From The Big Ol' Blue: Marine Hydrokinetic Technology Slowly Overcomes Challenges

    The world's hydroeletric dams have demonstrated the awesome power of water pressure. Today's up-and-coming water-based energy technologies rely on forces from the coastal tides to feed the grid. A growing number of coastal areas are installing tidal and wave technology due to the incredible electricity-generating potential of undersea and seawall turbines. There are significant benefits in tide-based energy harvesting, and many of its biggest challenges are slowly being overcome with collaboration and innovation.

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    Making My Home More Energy Efficient

    After struggling with yet another high power bill, I realized I really needed to work on my home's energy efficiency. I started thinking about what I was doing wrong, and it occurred to me that it might be smart to install solar panels and perhaps a windmill. I started going through and evaluating my personal impact on the power grid, and I was able to calculate that those additions would be a good idea. This blog is all about reducing your impact on the environment so that you can enjoy a happier, greener life, and spend less money during the process.